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Topsoil Products

McKeown Contracting has a long history when it comes to topsoil. In fact, we can trace the origins of the company to producing and selling topsoil. While we may have grown over the years into other industries topsoil still holds a special place in our hearts and we pride ourselves in providing customers with the best and most affordable topsoil in Eastern Ontario. McKeown Contracting is the sole distributer of Pypers Perfect Soil a garden soil that has become the industry standard. Pypers Perfect Soil is perfectly pH balanced to ensure the best growth for gardens and lawns.

Screened Topsoil:
Double screened topsoil that is perfect for lawns prior to seeding.
Pyper’s Perfect Soil:
A combination of peat, compost, and horse manure that is added to our double screened topsoil and screened once again to ensure nothing but the best quality soil.

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Aggregate Products

McKeown Contracting also offers a wide variety of aggregate products for all your landscaping and construction projects. From sand to crushed stone we are sure to have whatever aggregate you need.

Sand Fill: Unscreened sand that is ideal for backfill around house foundations.
Screened Sand: Sand that has been screened to remove any rocks and is ideal for bedding plumbing and hyrdo trenches.
2”/4”/6” Granular B: Limestone aggregate that is ideal for building roadways, parking lots, and backfilling buildings.
¾” Granular A: Limestone aggregate that is ¾” in size or smaller and is ideal for the final layer of roadways, interlock, concrete pad bases.
¾” Clear Stone: Limestone aggregate that is only ¾” in size and is used for anything involving drainage.
Stone dust: Limestone aggregate that has been reduced to almost a powder and is perfect for interlock or bedding plumbing.

Recyclable Aggregate Products

McKeown Contracting is consistently striving to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce landfill waste. We are committed to doing our part to prevent climate change and have begun to recycle various products for re use which helps protect the environment.

4” Crushed Concrete: Concrete that has been crushed into a 4” minus product. Crushed concrete is a perfect replacement for Granular B and is much cheaper than traditional stone. By using crushed concrete, we are preventing more waste from entering the landfills and are reducing the amount of rock removed from the earth.
4” Crushed Asphalt: Asphalt that has been crushed into a 4” minus and is perfect for a top layer of laneways, paths, and trails.

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    Type Of Soil:

    Pypers Perfect SoilPyper's Screened TopsoilSand Fill4” Crushed Concrete4” minus Crushed Stone¾” minus Crushed Stone¾” Clear StoneStone DustHydro SandScreened Sand2”/4”/6” Granular BGranular A